Elligo Health Research Partners With Women’s Health USA to Help Bring Research as a Care Option to Its Patients

Elligo Health Research, which offers the only platform that brings clinical research direct to clinical health care, announces its partnership with Women’s Health USA, a growing national network of women’s health, obstetrics and gynecology practices. The partnership will expand Elligo’s Research Ready™ network to include Women’s Health USA health care providers, allowing their patients to access clinical research as a care option from their trusted physician.

With more than 600 physician partners practicing in seven states, this partnership will make it easier for Women’s Health USA’s patients to participate in clinical research. “We can make a bigger impact on the future of medicine together,” said Chad Moore, president of Elligo. “With our partners’ help, not only are we bringing clinical research direct to clinical health care, but we are matching more participants to clinical trials than ever before.”

Elligo’s Goes Direct® approach provides physician practices with the infrastructure, technology and expertise necessary to conduct clinical research. “Our goal is to help our women’s health practices leverage the best tools for the best outcomes,” said Goran Dragolovic, CEO at Women’s Health USA. “Partnering with Elligo allows our providers to maintain the highest standards for quality, patient-focused care, while adding innovative, state-of-the-art treatment options for their patients.”

About Elligo
Elligo Health Research offers the only platform that brings clinical research to physician practices, accelerating the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device products and therapies. Our Goes Direct® approach uses state-of-the-art technology to compliantly leverage current electronic health record data and applies a proprietary, prescreening process to match protocol-eligible patients for participation in clinical studies. It is our mission to support health care providers by providing personnel, procedures, technology and infrastructure for clinical research, enabling patients to participate in research while remaining under the care of their own trusted physician. Learn more at

About Women’s Health USA
Women’s Health USA currently partners with OB/GYN, in vitro fertilization, and other specialty women’s health practices in seven states to implement growth strategies, payer engagement, revenue cycle management, EMR support, financial and human resource management, merger and acquisition support, ancillary services development, marketing and risk management services. With more than 600 physician partners, its unique and successful partnership model enables physicians and physician groups to maintain their independence, while leveraging the resources of a national organization.