Anatomy of a Rebrand #5: Environmental Graphics

One of the key aspects of any successful branding effort is maintaining the consistency of graphic elements from one platform to another. While maintaining graphic consistency between advertising, printed collateral and digital media is one thing, carrying elements over to the work environment represents a challenge of its own.

For SCORR, while the common graphic elements in the Big Idea include the silhouetted runner — we call him Joe SCORR — as well as a system of icons and a recognizable illustrative style, the most important elements in translating the look into environmental graphics are the colors, the type fonts and the distinctive dot pattern grid.

SCORR’s headquarters in Kearney, Nebraska, were remodeled from a historic two-story brick building in the heart of downtown. When we rebranded, we carried those same elements throughout the workspace.

Aside from generous use of the exposed brick, the interior design is primarily comprised of just five colors — our chosen red and teal along with black, white and silver. Environmental wall graphics, including a full-size rendition of Joe SCORR and an eight-foot-wide world map made of glass that shows SCORR’s clients’ locations, incorporate the memorable dot-pattern grid. Exterior street addresses as well as interior signage for conference rooms, restrooms and individual offices mixes the dot pattern with the same script and sans serif typefaces used on the website.

We look at it this way: if anyone who had visited our website or browsed through our sales materials were to visit our offices, we want them to be absolutely confident they’re in the right place…and remember us when they leave.

About SCORR Marketing
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